AGH UST International Courses

The AGH UST International Courses are a flexible offer of subjects (taught in foreign languages) enriching the study programme. Participation of Polish and international students in the AGH UST International Courses (UBPO) gives the opportunity to improve knowledge of specialist English and knowledge of technical vocabulary in other languages, i.e. German, French, Russian.

The offer of the AGH UST International Courses includes nearly 200 subjects from the following fields of science:

  • Engineering, production technology, construction,

  • Information and communication technologies (ICTs),

  • Natural sciences, mathematics, statistics,

  • Business and administration,

  • Humanities and social sciences.


The AGH UST International Courses are constantly being enriched with new subjects. Many subjects, especially in the field of ICTs, are carried out in specialized laboratories.


Online registration for AGH UST International Courses:


Polish language

The offer also includes a Polish language course for beginners (5 ECTS credits). Several groups are created each semester. The schedule is adapted to the needs of students and is determined in the first weeks of the given semester.


We are strongly encouraging you to participate in classes!


Engineering / diploma thesis

We would like to kindly inform you that at the moment students can come to AGH UST to carry out part of their education (courses). There are no topics of engineering / diploma theses in the current offer.