Student organizations and associations

A student does not live with science alone - especially at AGH UST and especially in Krakow. Cultural and sports development follows intellectual development. Numerous organizations operating at AGH UST provide opportunities to continue the existing interests and discover new ones. There are really many possibilities, ranging from artistic groups (a great example is the AGH UST Student Representative Orchestra), through standard forms of recreation (hiking, cycling), to quite specialized events (alpine, underwater, speleological, sailing clubs). All AGH UST students are represented by the University Student Council (URSS) which conducts activities at the university in the field of social and living matters, cultural and sporting events, organizing numerous faculty rallies, faculty balls, meetings on the occasion of Miner’s and Steelworker’s Days and probably the most popular in the student environment - Krakow Juvenalia. Students also have the opportunity to develop their interests related to the field of study through membership and participation in the work of many scientific associations.

Office for Students with Disabilities

AGH UST welcomes students with disabilities

People with disabilities are among us

Since 2000, our University has been implementing the programme ‘AGH UST as a Disability Friendly University’, which aims to solve problems faced by students with various disabilities. The methods and forms of teaching are adapted to the students’ individual needs resulting from disability. To provide better support for students with disabilities, we cooperate with other universities in Krakow regarding both educational issues and in the creation of conditions promoting social inclusion of the people enrolled in the programme.

As a modern university, a leader in the field of cutting-edge technologies, AGH UST takes a range of innovative initiatives. These include efforts to create an accessible environment for people with disabilities. We attach special importance to the elimination of architectural barriers in order to improve accessibility of the AGH UST facilities to everyone who wishes to pursue a degree in the most innovative fields of study in Poland. We ensure that the newly erected buildings meet the highest standards of accessibility. Our support covers:

•Advice, guidance and assistance in any disability-related issues

•Accommodation in a dormitory adapted to the needs of a person with disabilities

•Information on financial aid offered by AGH UST and other institutions

•Sports activities(possibility to pass PE and obtain ECTS points), e.g. gym, wheelchair fencing, swimming

•Services of sign language interpreters and lipspeakers for deaf and hard-of-hearing students

•Access to the AGH UST Main Library collections in alternative forms, and in the reading room, to a text magnifier and a workstation adapted to the needs of students with disabilities

•Possibility to rent assistive devices(including voice recorders, FM systems, text and image magnifiers)

•Copying of notes and teaching materials to the A3 size (for the visually impaired, deaf and hard-of-hearing students, and students with writing difficulties)

•Dedicated English language courses, e.g. for deaf and hard-of-hearing students, and for blind and visually impaired students

•Access to a disability informatics workroom and adaptation of teaching materials(e.g. digitization, printing in the Braille alphabet), as well as examination and end-of-course test adjustments

•Psychological and educational support

•Services of personal assistants

•Participation in training and integration events

•Participation in professional development projects

The AGH UST support for students with disabilities is coordinated by the Office for Students with Disabilities, which also endorses initiatives of the Association of Students with Disabilities - the first of its kind in Poland. Students can seek legal advice and assistance while communicating with university authorities, and also obtain the support they need to solve various problems. Students with disabilities can participate in a variety of activities ,including adaptation camps, integration events, workshops and courses organized by the AGHUST Office for Students with Disabilities.


phone: +48 12 617 46 30