The basis for qualification for the first-cycle (Bachelor) and second-cycle (Master) studies at AGH UST is an admission rate, based on which a ranking of candidates for a given field of study is prepared.

Detailed rules for admission and calculation of the admission rate are specified in Resolution No. 45/2020 of the AGH UST Senate of 3 April 2020 (in Polish).

Admission for Bachelor studies

In case of a secondary school leaving certificate issued abroad, where the level of the exam has not been specified in the document, its result will be considered equivalent to the basic level of the Polish Matura examination.

In countries where the candidate may take an external examination as an additional qualification examination for Bachelor studies, the result of such examination may be considered equivalent to the extended level of the Polish Matura examination. In such case, it is necessary to upload a scan of the document confirming the results of this examination to the e-Rekrutacja system.

Admission for Master studies

The admission rate is calculated on the basis of:

  •    the Bachelor studies’ or the long-cycle Master studies’ average grade and
  •    the result of on-line entrance examination which is obligatory.

In case of a candidate who is a holder of a document (diploma) obtained outside Poland, entitling to continue education at Master studies in Poland, the average grade is calculated on the scale used at AGH UST.

The entrance examination will be assessed on 0-100 points scale; less than 50 points obtained eliminates the candidate from further admission process.

For AGH UST graduates who continue their studies, the basis for calculating the value of component E of the admission rate may be the result of a general field of study examination taken at Bachelor studies.