Computer Science

Full-time, 1st cycle studies (BSc) are seven semesters long and finish with a presentation of a diploma dissertation (an engineering project). The graduate is awarded an Engineer degree (being an equivalent of a Bachelor of Science degree) in Computer Science.


These studies aim to provide knowledge and skills necessary to create and use broadly understood computer systems. They cover both theoretical foundations in the areas of mathematics, physics, computer science, as well as practical aspects, including design and implementation of PC and mobile systems, systems administration, data analysis, use of programming tools (software libraries, frameworks, and environments), including commercial applications and open-source software. Upon completion of the first-cycle studies, the student acquires knowledge at the engineering level, which is extended by the practical use of this knowledge during student internship after the sixth semester.


Computer Science studies offer students not only knowledge and technical education, but also give them the opportunity to develop their logical, constructive and assertive skills and instill in them the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. Thanks to the acquired knowledge and skills, graduates will have no problems finding their place in the labor market, finding employment mainly in the rapidly growing IT sector.


Course duration:

7 semesters – 3.5 years


Required limit: 10


Next qualification: Summer qualification: June-September 2019 for the academic year 2019/2020


For more information please contact:

Krzysztof Kluza, PhD