Automatics Control and Robotics: Cyber-Physical Systems


The scope of the modules in the proposed course plan were selected to cover all the most important aspects of cyber-physical systems, in which the physical world, computing techniques, control methods and information transfer technologies are intertwined. The content covered in the specialties includes systems with a high degree of integration both at a low level (embedded systems, internet of things) as well as high (process automation, data management). An important part of the program are also the issues of data analysis and machine learning as well as optimization and computational methods which, combined with advanced, shaped by the student using the elective blocks, methods of control theory give him a set of tools for the implementation of automation tasks.

Graduates of the Cyber-physical Systems specialization will have extensive knowledge in the field of data analysis methods, machine learning, construction and integration of embedded systems, the Internet of Things as well as computational methods, advanced control theory and methods of data management. In particular, a strong emphasis will be put on the analysis and integration of the algorithmic solutions used, as well as the work methodology based on scientific publications. Graduates will be characterized by creativity in finding solutions to problems for which choosing the best approach is not obvious and requires the comparison and comparison of the results of alternative solutions.



higher education diploma: high grades during university education; first-level qualifications and competences necessary to continue education at the second-cycle studies