Electronics and Telecommunications: Networks and Services

Full-time, 2nd level degree courses are three semester long and finish by preparation of the Master Thesis and the graduate is awarded the Master of Science degree.

A graduate in the specialization Electronics and Telecommunications: Networks and Services is educated to make technical progress and is able to conduct creative professional activities in up-to-date electronics and telecommunications, especially in the field of telecommunication networks and services. The programme of the specialization focuses on the education of prospective graduates who will be able to develop new telecommunication equipment and systems, networks, and will also be able to manage existing networks, analyse existing networks and future networks standards including wireless data transmission networks, modern IP networks, exchange of electronic documents, methods of modelling and testing telecommunication protocols, efficiency, research and development of data telecommunication systems, as well as to create www pages and digital videolibraries. During the semesters the education is accomplished at three major courses: Network and Service Management, Digital Transmission Techniques, and Modelling and Simulation of Networks and Services.

The graduates acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical skills indispensable to design, manufacture, implement and exploit telecommunications systems, networks and services. Graduates are also prepared for team management, as well as to advance to the 3rd cycle of studies (doctoral research).


Course duration:
3 semesters - 1.5 years (including Master thesis writing)

Required limit: 24

Next qualification: Winter qualification (December 2019-February 2020) for academic year 2019/2020

For more information please contact:
Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications
Professor Renata Słota, Vice-Dean