Electronics and Telecommunications: Networks and Services

A general academic profile of first-cycle and second-cycle studies at the Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications constitute an attractive educational offer for people seeking employment in the IT sector. Education includes the acquisition of specialized directional skills and social competences. Thanks to carefully prepared and updated education programs, the studies prepare well for professional work, opening the way to professional and social promotion. In the graduates' opinion, studies in this field are: a source of satisfaction from own achievements and a sense of belonging to the community of engineers - graduates of a renowned technical university. The AGH development strategy imparts a clear mark on the Electronics and Telecommunications curriculum, it should be mentioned here: (1) improving and diversifying the educational offer, (2) increasing the knowledge, skills and social competences of the graduate, (3) supporting student activity, ( 4) preparation for professional and social activity, (5) activities stimulating research at the highest level, (6) expanding the educational skills in English, (7) supporting innovative and implementation activities through the development of cooperation with the economy. The growth of the information society requires qualified staff in the field of advanced ICT systems, competent in the design, implementation and maintenance of such systems. In Małopolska Region the high demand for engineers with high competences in the ICT system are observed last years - which is the result of opening there international companies, eg Aptiv Technical Center (formerly Delphi ), Energy Micro, Silicon Creation) and many dynamically developing and gaining domestic entities (Fideltronik, Elsta Electronics, Aldec, Semi Half). Representatives of enterprises - members of the Social Council operating at WIET, have expressed high opinion about the direction, which is an important representative of the needs of the labour market, a source of proposals, and a consultant of introduced directional changes and current corrections in study programs. Some improvements in the study curriculum are introduced at the request of students, taking into account the opinion of the Faculty Council of Students' Self-government (WRSS). Students participate in the process of creating study plans and programs for individual subjects.



Holding the title of engineer or master’s degree in Electronics, Electronics and Telecommunications or Electrical Engineering or in the field of Acoustic Engineering or Biomedical Engineering or Teleinformatics.