Management: International Management

Graduates acquire broad knowledge of international management with a special emphasis put on the rules of the European single market. They are prepared to pursue a career in marketing as well as economic and financial divisions, and to supervise the production of both domestic enterprises and divisions of foreign companies operating in Poland. The programme is interesting and diverse, stimulating creativity, social maturity and cultural sensitivity of the students.

Global problems and specific applications will be studied, not exclusively, within the following courses: Global Economy, Strategic Management, Quantitative Methods in Management, Leadership & Team Management, Management Accounting, International Project Management, Multicultural Management, International Marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Polish Language & Culture, Business Communication, Econometrics, Game Theory and Value-based Management Accounting.

Classes, led by the professional staff of AGH Faculty of Management, are very much interactive and rooted in practical experience and scientific knowledge.


Course duration:
4 semesters – 2 years (including Master thesis writing) 


BSc or BA


Required limit:1


A set of exam questions for on-line entrance examination is available at:


Qualification: Summer qualification: June –September 2019 for the academic year 2019/2020


For more information please contact:
Faculty of Management
Anna Dubel, DSc