Materials Engineering: Advanced Materials - Processing and Characterization

This educational program is suitable especially for those students who have a strong background in materials science. It educates students in highly sophisticated materials characterization methods, such as electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction, thermal analysis and various mechanical materials processing and testing methods. Completing the studies will give students a strong knowledge base and understanding both of different materials and the most important research methods used in the field.

Students pursuing this program will become familiar with the most important manufacturing technologies of all engineering materials. The studies will also focus on the production of materials with the aim of understanding how production technologies can be used and managed to control the structure and properties of materials. To be successful in their studies, students need to be highly motivated, systematic and innovative.

In order to remain at the forefront of technological and scientific development, an increasing number of highly educated people is needed in research and product development in various branches of industry and academia. This program gives students skills and knowledge to pursue either an academic career or a career in industry.


Course duration:
3 semesters – 1.5 years (including Master thesis writing)

BSc in a cognate discipline or equivalent document, appropriate knowledge of English

Required limit: 10

Next qualification: Winter qualification (December 2018-February 2019) for academic year 2018/2019

For more information please contact:
Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science
Professor Tomasz Śleboda, Vice-Dean