Renewable Energy and Energy Management: Sustainable Energy Systems

Sustainable energy systems are one of the key issues for humanity. Students of the second degree in Renewable Energy and Energy Management will acquire knowledge related to renewable energy technologies as well as economics, energy policy and energy management in the fuel and energy sector. Students will learn how to make a real contribution to foster the deployment of renewable energy technologies and how to plan the development and operation of energy systems under high RES penetration. With increasing RES shares electricity supply will become more volatile and therefore integration of energy storage and electrochemical power sources in the energy systems will become increasingly important. Within the Batteries and Fuel Cells module students will acquire knowledge on electrochemical storage technologies and hydrogen economy. In this context, obtaining additional system flexibility will also play an essential role. Therefore, modules such as Integrated Energy Resource Planning or Energy Efficiency will provide necessary knowledge on demand side management and rational energy use. Significant part of the study track is carried out in laboratories, in which students will conduct experimental studies of selected renewable-based and renewable-related energy technologies and hybrid RES systems. Students will also acquire the interdisciplinary knowledge about environmental impact of energy systems, structures of the energy markets and the role of energy policy in shaping the pathways towards a future sustainable energy systems. The cooperation with the industry will be made, among the others, through the so called Integrated Project of the Year in Sustainable Energy, in which students together with industrial and academic advisors will work in teams on a real-life challenges. In addition, the graduate will gain knowledge in entrepreneurship, team management, business planning and development of start-ups offering new energy services and products.


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BSc in a cognate discipline or equivalent document, appropriate knowledge of English