Sociology: Technology and Society

Contemporary societies have witnessed a number of discussions regarding the influence that science and technology have on our society and our culture. Such debates are often contradictory; from one side, they focus on the positive influence of science and technology on contemporary societies and cultures, from the other, technology and science create lot of moral panics and anxieties.

Our program matches the principles of AGH University of Science and Technology and is a sign of gradually increasing role of the humanities in analyzing the spheres of developing applied sciences and their achievements. The aim of it is to give the students a deep understanding of the socio-cultural conditions and consequences of the development of science and technology.

The two-year program offers the interdisciplinary training in sociology of science and technology. Students achieve the MA degree through successful completion of comprehensive examinations and a dissertation, as well as other requirements.

The master's program includes a series of basic courses (Core Seminars & Core Courses) as well as more specialized classes, also those provided by other Faculties at AGH University of Science and Technology. The flexible construction of the study program allows to plan and to develop the unique and individual path of education.


Program  duration:
4 semesters – 2 years


BSc or BA


Required limit: 15


A set of exam questions for on-line entrance examination is available at:


Next qualification: Summer qualification: June - September 2019 for the academic year 2019/2020


For more information please contact:
Faculty of Humanities
Jacek Gądecki, PhD