Sociology: Technology and Society

The Technology & Society Program, led by the Faculty of Humanities at AGH University of Science and Technology, one of the leading technological universities in Poland, encourages students to produce exceptional scholarship on important issues regarding the place of technology in society and culture.

Contemporary society has witnessed a number of discussions about the intersection of the interrelated spheres of technology and society. Such discourses are often contradictory; on one side, they focus on the positive influence of science and technology on contemporary societies and cultures, on the other, they acknowledge that technology and science can create many anxieties.


This program realizes the mission of AGH University of Science and Technology and showcases the gradually increasing role of the humanities in analyzing the spheres of developing applied sciences and their achievements. The aim of this is a deep understanding of the socio-cultural conditions and consequences of the development of science and technology.


This 2 years program offers interdisciplinary training in the sociology of science and technology. Students achieve the MA after the successful completion of coursework followed by comprehensive examinations and a dissertation.


Student Profile:

Students in the Technology & Science Program are creative, critical, analytical, and rational.


Our Program:

• is not designed for specialists, but for those who want to have a deeper understanding of a society strongly influenced by technologies,

• allows one to focus on the understanding of science and technology by those who are not professional scientists or technologists,

• promotes a socially responsible and competent citizen.


Our Students:

Have a chance to analyze and make decisions that require an understanding of the interaction of science and technology and its interface with society, so that they are able to put theory into practice.