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Before mobility

Please, be informed that in order to register for courses and communicate with professors you need to create an email account in domain.

Below a brief instruction in 4 easy steps:

Step 1

Go to the AGH University Panel website.

Fill in the fields with your Student ID and PESEL and click Next.

We have sent both numbers to the mailbox that you used when registering in IRK system. If you are not able to find them, please check Spam.

Step 2

After data verification an activation code will be send to your email. Fill in the Activation code and click Activate.

Step 3

Insert the name of our new account and click Create account.

Please check the box Activate the ability to reset your password using your email address. It’s very useful.

Step 4

Remember or write down in a safe place your new email and password displayed on the screen and click Exit.

Done : )

Recruitment for exchange studies is conducted via an online platform.  

Nominated students to our University should register and create an account, fill in the application form and attach all required documents.

The link to application platform is delivered to nominated students via email from Department for International Students.

Most home universities require their students to confirm their arrival at the host university in the form of the so-called Arrival Certificate/Certificate of Arrival.  
Before your arrival to the AGH University plese make sure if you need such a document.
If yes, please send a sample document from your university to us exchange(at)
And when you come to Department for International Students we will sign it and send it back and issue in original if needed.

A visit to the Department for International Students is obligatory.

Sending nominations (Partner Institutions):

May 31 – nominations for the Winter semester (October - February) or for the whole academic year (October - June)
November 15 – nominations for the Summer semester (February - June)

Nominations should be sent to the email exchange(at)

Submitting application files (Students):

June 30 – students nominated for the Winter semester (October-February) or for the whole year (October-June)
November 30 – students nominated for the Summer semester (February-June)

Application files should be submitted in the system.
The link to the registration is sent to nominated students by email.

I am nominated at the AGH University

In case you are nominated at the AGH University as an exchange student, you can apply for a place at the AGH University Student Campus. Just register at the Central Dormitory Allocation System.

If you have any questions about rooms, feel free to contact the Campus Office: dds(at)
A detailed pricelist is available at the AGH University Student Campus website.

I have applied but nothing happens…

Remember that dorm applications will be confirmed only at the end of application process for exchange at AGH University. In other words, we will accept your application if your LA is signed and we have sent you the Letter of Acceptance. If we didn’t confirm your dorm application, maybe we are still missing some of your application files. Ask us : )

I need for my visa application a confirmation of accommodation

Students who apply for visa need a document that confirms that they have been granted a place in one of our dorms. Unfortunately our unit doesn’t issue such confirmations. For this particular document, please contact: dds(at)

I am not nominated at the AGH University but I want to stay at the AGH University Campus

If you are not nominated at the AGH University but you would like to stay in our dorms, you need to contact dds(at) If you apply in the system as exchange student, we will simply reject your application.

Check also information in the section Dormitories at our main webpage.

AGH University International Courses (UBPO)

Visit the website of the AGH University International Courses (UBPO).
The offer is addressed to all AGH University students (exchange students and regular students).  

It is a flexible offer of subjects (taught in foreign languages) enriching the study programme. Participation of Polish and international students in the AGH University International Courses (UBPO) gives also the opportunity to improve knowledge of specialist English and knowledge of technical vocabulary in other languages, i.e. German, French, Russian.

How to register - students enroll in the courses via online platform in the USOS Service.

Additional Faculty Courses  

Some Faculties also offer extra courses for international exchange students.  These courses come from the programmes for regular students at the AGH University. This additional offer is with limited places dedicated for exchange students.  
Department for International Students announces this valid offer just before the semester.

How to register - students enroll in the courses via online platform in the USOS Service.

Polish Language Course

The AGH University offers also a Polish language course for exchange students (4 ECTS credits). Several groups are created each semester. The schedule is adapted to the needs of students and is determined in the first weeks of the given semester.

How to register - students enroll in the courses via online platform in the USOS Service.  

Engineering / diploma thesis

At the moment students can come to the AGH University to carry out part of their education (courses). There are no topics of engineering / diploma theses in the current offer.

If you need help - contact the Erasmus Student Network (ESN).

If necessary, ESN will find a mentor/tutor who will help you during your stay in Poland, especially in the first days (including pickup from the airport, assistance with accommodation and administrative matters).

For exchange students ESN organizes an Orientation Week.

Contact mentor.agh(at)

AGH ESN website

When you focus on compilation your Learning Agreements mostly use International Courses, but if needed also use the additional offer - Faculty Courses.

Department for International Students will ask you to send the preliminary list of courses courses selected by you. We will consult them with the student's Academic Supervisor at the AGH University.

After successful verification of your proposal of study plan, we will ask you to send us a scan of the Learning Agreement (LA) to The document must be signed by the student and the representative of the sending university.  
Department for International Students coordinates the signature on the part of the Academic Supervisor at AGH University. 

Learning Agreement for Trainineeship is always considered by the AGH University after your succesfull submitting the application documents in the application system.

Department for International Students will contact you with potential Academic Supervisor - professor at the Faculty, who will get familiar with your area of interest and research plan. If everything is fine, you will be asked to send us your Learning Agreement for Traineeship.

You should be in touch with your AGH University Academic Supervisor in order to arrange the agreement with the exact date and plan of your Traineeship.

This document should be signed by you, your Home University, your Academic Supervisor at the AGH University
Department for International Students coordinates the signature on the part of the Academic Supervisor at the AGH University.

After a positive consideration of your application and signing the Learning Agreement, the Department for International Students issues a Letter of Acceptance.

You will find out from this document what period and for which faculty you are admitted and who is your Academic Supervisor during your stay at the AGH University.

You will receive from us information on what to do as soon as you arrive at the AGH University, about the possibility of living at the AGH University Student Campus, the Erasmus Student Network and insurance requirements during your stay in Poland.

The partner university sends the so-called nomination to the AGH University, informing about a student applying for arrival.
Nominations should be sent to the address exchange(at)
The Department for International Students will contact the appointed students informing about the details of the application procedure.


Valid Bilateral Agreement  
In order to start the application procedure, international students should check the validity of the bilateral agreement with our University.  

Outside the agreement limit
Student nominations sent by partner universities are considered first. Additional student nominations (outside the agreement limit) are considered at a later date, if places are available.

No agreement
If the university does not have a valid bilateral agreement, please contact the AGH University Centre for International Affairs csm(at) The Department for International Students does not sign new bilateral agreements.

Few weeks before the semester starts, we ask all students accepted for exchange at AGH University, to register for courses available in our educational especially offer for all of you.

The registration takes place in a system called USOS (remember this name because you will use it a lot).

Access to USOS system

But how to access this system?

Only with the account in the AGH University domain (the one that ends with

Step 1

Please, visit the website USOSWEB.

Step 2

Look for the login panel and insert your user name (email) and password.

You have arrived at your destination! This is the platform where you will be able to register for courses, check timetables, partial and final grades.

Deadlines and detailed instruction are on your email in the AGH University domain.

In case of any problems related with International Courses, please contact intcourses(at)

Files required during application:

  • CV,
  • a transcript of records with subjects completed at the Home University in previous years,
  • a scan of passport page or other identity document with a photo and personal data,
  • a certificate confirming knowledge of English at the minimum level of B2 (according to the Council of Europe scale) or a certificate confirming knowledge of Polish - depending on the language in which the classes are conducted; we also accept a certificates issued by your Home University,
  • an official photo (passport format).


The AGH University does not provide insurance for students coming as part of exchange programmes.  
International students are required to purchase the appropriate insurance policy before coming to Poland.

Citizens of EU countries can have a valid EHIC card.

Non-EU citizens should purchase health insurance before coming to Poland. Detailed information is available from Polish diplomatic missions located in the student's country of residence.
Upon arrival in Poland, non-EU nationals can purchase an insurance package directly with the insurer (e.g. at the National Health Fund).

Before students start Traineeship at the AGH University, they should have accident insurance and liability insurance. 

Detailed information on medical insurance is available at Useful information section.