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At the AGH University, you can apply for:

  • Rector's scholarship,
  • scholarship for disabled people,
  • social scholarship,
  • aid for the students in need.

Find more information on the Student Affairs Department website.
Student Affairs Department contact dss(at)

Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) starts every year special scholarship programs for inernational students. Find detailed information on the individual programs websites. Remember, submit the application directly to NAWA - the AGH University does not take part in your application for the scholarship. Upload the scholarship's decision to the e-Rekrutacja system.

The gen. Anders Programme

The Banach Scholarship Programme

Poland My First Choice NAWA

Exchange Programme for students and scientists as part of bilateral cooperation - offer for incoming students and scientists


K. Kalinowski Scholarship Program is the largest aid programme in Europe for young Belarusians who cannot study in Belarus due to their political views. Find more information about the scholarship on the Program website.

The Visegrad Fund offers a scholarship for students from the Visegrad Group countries.

Remember that you submit your application directly to the Visegrad Fund - the AGH University does not take part in your application for the scholarship.

One of the required documents for the scholarship is an Acceptance Letter.

The AGH University issues the Acceptance Letter only during the recruitment period if you are qualified for studies.

Check recruitment rules for Master studies.

Beyond the recruitment time, the AGH University may issue an information letter about recruitment dates and conditions. If you want to receive it, please send a request for such a document to our e-mail. Find the request sample in the Downloads section.

Find detailed information about the scholarship on the Visegrad Fund website.