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During mobility

middle of March - registration for courses in USOS Service for summer semester  
middle of October - registration for courses in USOS Service for winter semester  

end of March - sending Changes / During Mobility part of LA for summer semester  
end of October - sending Changes / During Mobility part of LA for winter semester  

middle of December - confirmation of extension of stay for summer semester 

Student ID Card

The Student ID card is issued by your AGH University Faculty to which you are assigned.
All instructions on how to get the Student ID Card should be delivered to you from the Faculty Dean's Office.  
For this purpose you will be first asked:

  • to pay for it Student ID  
  • to deliver the confirmation of the payment  
  • to sign the personal questionnaire at the Faculty.   

During the first meeting at Department for International Students, we will inform you about the address and opening hours of the Faculty Dean's Office, where you will receive information on how to arrange Student ID Card.

Changes to Learning Agreement

Probably during your first days at AGH University you realize that your preliminary Learning Agreement has to be changed because of timetable conflicts or lack of space in the classes.  

Do not worry! You still can change the LA.  

In case you need to change your courses, please fill the part of your LA so called During Mobility or Changes to the LA.
You can send it back during the first month of your stay.
In this part you need to mention courses that you have added/removed and mark the reason why you decided to change your courses.

This document should be signed by you, your Home University, your AGH University Academic Supervisor.
Department for International Students coordinates the signature on the part of the Academic Supervisor at AGH University. Once the file is signed we will scan and send it to you. 

Exchange students can prolong their stay at the AGH University.

If you want to extend your stay, please contact us and inform about that. Also your Home University needs to write us a short message and confirm that you are actually allowed to stay longer with us.

Furthermore you need to choose your desired courses and prepare another Learning Agreement, than send it to us and simply wait for the new Letter of Acceptance.

It’s not that difficult but please keep in mind our deadlines (details in the office).