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Useful tools

As an AGH University student you are obliged to use an e-mail address in the AGH University domain for correspondence within the University: with lecturers, Dean's Office, etc.

To set up an e-mail account in the AGH University domain, use the AGH University Panel website.

If you do not have a PESEL number, you must enter YYMMDD00000 (the year, month and day of your birthday plus five zeros).

In case of problems, please contact pomoc-it(at) / tel. 12 617 55 66

Access to AGH University mail box

Application for all international students and candidates for studies at the AGH University.

What's inside?

  • Faculty Offices' opening hours, 
  • locations of the AGH University premises (faculties, dormitories, sport facilities, student clubs, copy shops, canteens and many more),
  • events and student life news,
  • information about Krakow and its top attractions.

Access to the application "Welcome to the AGH University"

Do you want to live at the AGH University Student Campus? Register in the Central Dormitory Allocation System and apply for a place in a student dormitory. We will confirm your application when you are accepted to study at our University.

Access to the Central Dormitory Allocation System

Find contact details of the AGH University employee.

Access to the employee search system

It is a recruitment system for Bachelor and Master studies. Remember that you can only register during the recruitment deadlines. Don't know when the recruitment starts? Check the sections Deadlines - Bachelor studies or Deadlines - Master studies.

Access to e-Rekrutacja system

It contains a collection of English language expressions and phrases used in the University.

Access to AGH University Glossary

This is the central database of elective subjects for the AGH University students. It enables flexible shaping or supplementing the study programme as well as improving the level of knowledge of specialized English.

Access to AGH University International Courses base

Recruitment for exchange studies is conducted via an online platform.  

Nominated students to our University should register and create an account, fill in the application form and attach all required documents.

The link to application platform is delivered to nominated students via email from Department for International Students.

Check out the micro-guide to distance learning platforms at our University:

  • UPeL platform,
  • MS TEAMS classes,
  • creating an account in AGH domain,
  • signing up for subjects,
  • tips on where to look for help if something is not working,

you will find it all right there!

Go ahead and click - some information is linked and you will be directed to the right pages.

Download the micro-Guide (PDF, 7,64 MB)


Here you can check education offer, study programmes and learning outcomes.

Access to AGH University Syllabus

It's a University e-learning platform.

Access to UPeL platform

In the student management information system (USOS) you can:
• check your grades and schedule,
• sign-up for elective courses,
• send an e-mail to your teacher,
• apply for a scholarship,
• attend to other issues related to your studies.

Access to USOS system