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Useful information

999 – Ambulance or go to the hospital emergency department (SOR)
998 – Fire Brigade
997 – Police
112 – general emergency number

AGH University Student Ombudsperson

A lawyer, Ms Agnieszka Zatyka-Szlachcic performs legal duties for students:
every Wednesday from 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. in the building C1/C2, room no. 127.
Report a problem or make an appointment:

    phone: 885956765
    e-mail: rps(at)
    or via the form on the website of the AGH University Student Ombudsperson.


Student law office of the Jagiellonian University

You can also ask for help of the Jagiellonian University law students  - for more information visit the Jagiellonian University student law office.

As an international student, you must have:

  • health insurance under the National Health Fund (abbreviation in Polish: NFZ) or
  • travel medical insurance.

You can find information about insurers and the insurance they offer that meets Polish law requirements at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
If you are an EU or EFTA citizen
To obtain basic medical care, go to a doctor who has signed an agreement with the NFZ and show the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which you must take with you to Poland.
You can find more about the Card and the health treatment of citizens of EU and EFTA countries in Poland on the website of the National Health Fund.
If you do not have the right to insurance in your country of residence, the University may register you for insurance under the rules applicable to Polish students.
You can find more information at the Student Affairs Department dss(at)
If you are a non-EU or non-EFTA citizen
You have to pay for medical care.
Thanks to an appropriate medical insurance policy, e.g. required to obtain a visa, you can settle the costs of medical care with the insurance company.
You can also get insured with the NFZ and pay your own health insurance fees/contributions. To sign the contract, contact the NFZ in Krakow.
If you are a non-EU or non-EFTA citizen and have a Card of the Pole (Karta Polaka) or a decision on Polish descent issued by a Polish embassy/consulate, the AGH University may pay fees/contribution to the NFZ on your behalf.
In this case:

  1. sign a contract with the NFZ
  2. bring a copy of the contract to your Faculty Office.

The decision on Polish origin is a different document than the decision on issuing the Card of the Pole (Karta Polaka).

Join student organizations and develop your interests!

Check the list of AGH University student organizations


AGH University Student Government represents all AGH University students. They are active in social, living, cultural and sports matters. They organize trips and faculty balls, meetings celebrating Miner's and Steelworker's Day, as well as Krakow's Juwenalia, a unique student festival with concerts and other attractions.

Contact biuro(at)

AGH University Student Government website


If you need help - contact the Erasmus Student Network (ESN).

If necessary, ESN will find a mentor/tutor who will help you during your stay in Poland, especially in the first days (including pickup from the airport, assistance with accommodation and administrative matters).

For exchange students ESN organizes an Orientation Week.

Contact mentor.agh(at)

AGH ESN website


Find visa general information on the website of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. Check details regarding visa requirements on the website of the Polish diplomatic mission in your country.

List of Poland's mission abroad


Legalization of stay in Poland

Are you already in Poland and your visa is about to expire? Apply for a temporary residence card - you must submit an application and the required documents to the Małopolska Provincial Office.

Find details on the Małopolska Provincial Office website (leaflet in English at the bottom of the page).

For your residence card you will need:

  • a certificate on admission to studies (if you have not started your studies yet) - write in e-Rekrutacja system - we will issue it for you, or
  • a student status certificate (after starting your studies) - contact your Faculty Office.

Open House INFO.OPT on April 13, 2024

Department for Foreigners of Malopolska Provincial Office in Kraków invites to an Open House INFO.OPT:
April 13th, 2024
09:00 – 15:00
6 Przy Rondzie Street

As part of the event the following services will be provided:

  • opportunity to submit additional documents to pending cases,
  • free assistance in preparing and verifying applications,
  • general information regarding legalisation of residence and employment,
  • comprehensive information regarding pending cases,
  • submission of an application for a temporary and permanent residence permit as well as a long-term resident of the European Union by third-country nationals (scheduled appointment is required).

Other information activities conducted by the Department of Foreigners Affairs of the MUW:

  • Hotline and Information INFO.OPT - Monday to Friday from: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

P: 12 210 20 20