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Step by step - Bachelor

1. Register in the system

You can register in e-Rekrutacja system only during the recruitment period.
Check the Admission calendar.

2. Upload documents

You will find a list of documents in the section Required documents.

3. Choose a field of study

This will be your declaration.
You can declare up to 5 fields of study for a given form of study (full-time/part-time).

4. Pay for your declaration

Pay the recruitment fee separately for each declaration.
You can pay the fee using online payment (e-Card system) or by bank transfer - in the transfer title enter an individual code, which you will find in your account in e-Rekrutacja system.
Check the amount of the recruitment fee in the section Fees.

5. Check announcements

Stay up to date - log in to your account in e-Rekrutacja system and check messages and the "What's next?" section, which you will find after clicking your declaration (that is your field of study).

Do you have questions related to your application? We can answer them only directly in e-Rekrutacja system. Write to us via the "Correspondence" section.

6. Take part in the language exam

The language exam is obligatory.
You may be exempted from the exam if you have a language certificate listed in the Required documents section.
Check the exam dates in the Recruitment calendar section.

7. Take part in the math exam

The math exam is optional.
You will find details in the Math Exam section.
Check the exam dates in the Recruitment calendar section.

8. Wait for the result announcement

You will learn about the qualification result from the message we will send you in e-Rekrutacja system.
Please remember that this will take place on the date specified in the Recruitment calendar.

Not accepted for studies? Try again in the next recruitment cycle!

9. Welcome to AGH University!

Accepted for studies? Congratulations!
We will send you Acceptance Letter in e-Rekrutacja system.
If you are qualified for more than one field of study, in e-Recruitment system you need to select which field of study you want to register for.
If you also need a document for a visa, write a message in the system.

10. Register for studies

You are about to register for studies. In e-Rekrutacja system you will be able to choose a specific date (day and hour) of your registration. For registration bring with you the documents listed in the Required documents section.