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Recruitment rules - Master

General recruitment rules

  • Recruitment is carried out in recruitment cycles.
  • The fields of study declared by the candidate cannot include the field in which the person is currently studying or completed at the same faculty of the AGH University as part of the same level of study.
  • A candidate preliminarily qualified for several fields of study may register for only one field of study.
  • The basis for qualifications for all fields of study is the recruitment rate W, on the basis of which ranking lists of candidates are prepared.

Admission rate

The admission rate is calculated on the basis of:

  • the Bachelor studies’ average grade and
  • the result of on-line entrance examination which is obligatory.

In case of a candidate who is a holder of a document (diploma) obtained outside Poland, entitling to continue education at Master studies in Poland, the average grade is calculated on the scale used at AGH University.

For the AGH University graduates who continue their studies, the basis for calculating the value of component E of the admission rate may be the result of a general field of study examination taken at Bachelor studies.

Required degree (title)

In case of applying for Master studies leading to the professional title of 'magister inżynier', the candidate must hold the title of 'inżynier' or an equivalent title - in case of documents issued abroad the title Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Engineering (or equivalent) is required.

Otherwise, candidate's diploma and transcript of records will be individually reviewed by a Dean of the Faculty, who may accept it with or without setting programme differences.
If the condition mentioned above is not met and the candidate has special achievements obtained as a part of academic education, the missing engineering competences may be completed on the terms specified in the decision of the Dean of the Faculty responsible for education in a given field of study issued at the  candidate's request.

In case of full-time second-cycle (Master) studies leading to the professional title of 'magister inżynier', for which recruitment is carried out twice a year - in summer and winter:

  • candidates with the title of 'licencjat' or an equivalent degree are admitted to 4-semester studies,
  • candidates with the title of 'inżynier' or an equivalent degree are admitted to 3-semester studies.
  • 18 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) of Mathematics and
  • 12 ECTS of Physics and
  • 30 ECTS of other basic science courses and
  • 25 ECTS of courses devoted to the development of design skills, including capstone design courses and
  • 2 ECTS of non-technical subjects (humanities, economic and social courses).

The candidate additionally needs to:

  1. complete first-cycle (Bachelor) studies in Mining Engineering or Environmental Engineering or Mechanical Engineering,
  2. if the condition specified in point 1 is not met - obtain a positive decision from the Dean determining the affinity of the completed first-cycle (Bachelor) field of study with at least one of the fields of study listed in point 1,
  3. submit Curriculum vitae together with a cover letter and an application for admission to joint studies.

Entrance exam

The entrance exam is held on-line, within the dates specified in the recruitment calendar.

A candidate who has paid the application fee is allowed to take the exam.

Sample exam questions are available in the section Education offer.

Language exam

Language exam is obligatory for a candidate who applies for the Master field of study which doesn’t have an entrance exam.  
You may be exempted from the exam if, within the time specified in the admission calendar, you upload in e-Rekrutacja system one of the documents listed in the section:

Polish language certificate exempting from a language exam - if you apply for studies in Polish,

English language certificate exempting from a language exam - if you apply for studies in English.

Click the links above to find the descriptions of language exams.

Recruitment deadlines

Check the Admission Calendar in the section Deadlines.

Legal acts